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Moving Too Fast

Thursday March 3, 2011

I really must catch my breath.  During the last few weeks life has been moving at such a frantic clip that I have barely had time for a good, deep breath.  As the Anxiety Queen, this is not a good thing.  Happily, the bulk of the rush has been associated with positive changes that are great for our family.  In an effort to clear my head, here is the bulleted version of recent happenings at my house.

  • Yogi went up on the airplane and all three of us survived.  We manged to travel out-of-state with two checked bags, a car seat and a diaper bag carry-on.  My wife wore Yogi in the Ergo and he flirted with EVERYONE in the airport.  The boy will stop at nothing to get the attention of someone he has his eye on.  😉
  • Yogi met just about everyone we knew in our old hometown.  We walked every inch (mile?) of the hospital and my wife was able to be proud Mommy with all of her colleagues.  My job at the hospital involved being the family pack mule and making sure that none of the secretaries grabbed Yogi and ran when we weren’t looking. Not an easy job. We tried to get a picture with our RE, but he was in surgery (I knew we should have called ahead….).
  • We walked through our old neighborhood and discovered that the bank has finally wrangled possession of our old house from our no count landlords.  Surprise, surprise….
  • We spent our last evening with friends who gathered for a “Meet the Baby” dinner party.
  • We arrived home to moving boxes and the emergence of Sickie #1 (me).
  • I organized the packing and loading while sick and with a baby strapped to my body.
  • After all of the major packing and loading tasks are accomplished, my parents arrive.
  • Yogi starts acting fussy and odd and Sickie #2 is born.
  • Yogi reaches the crescendo of illness on moving day while we wait (not so patiently) for the gas man (brrrrrr!) and can only wonder about where anything we might want or need is actually located.
  • My wife takes the post-move day off and we have four adults to focus on moving tasks and sick baby care.
  • After performing their duties as AV/Tech guy and Kitchen Organization pro, my parents head for home.
  • Four days into Yogi’s yuckiness, he wakes up screaming from a nap in a way that alarms me and I decide we need to take him to Dr. Wonderful.  The three of us spend Friday night in a doctor’s office to find out that yes, it is true.  Our baby is sick.  Other than that, all is well.  Give him Tylenol and snuggle him.  Gee, so glad we decided to use our time that way.
  • My wife’s parents arrive and settling in/sick baby care continues.
  • My wife’s parents head for home.
  • The three of us are finally settled (and well!) in our new house.
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  1. seattlegirl permalink
    Friday March 4, 2011 2:21 pm

    Yay for moving in to your new home! Congratulations!!!

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