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First OB Appointment on Thursday

Tuesday February 2, 2010

This appointment is very much on the brain.  I am chatty and eager about getting to see Bean and while I’m sure my wife feels that way too, she’s got worry to go along with it.  I guess it’s a hard habit  to break.  I’m sure as she soon as she sees that heartbeat all of that worry will vanish, but she keeps talking about how she hopes Bean is still in there.  I’ve reminded her that she gets what feels like the flu each night, she hasn’t had any bleeding and she spends all day every day in a state of perpetual nausea.  If we’re not pregnant, something is seriously wrong.

The practice we’ve chosen is actually a high risk practice, but in spite of disclosing that we’re not high risk they said they had plenty of room for us.  There are two big OB practices in our town and after talking with every recently pregnant and babied person we know, it sounds like the high risk practice is the way to go.  We will be meeting the Nurse practitioner on our first appointment and will only meet with a doctor the next time we are there.

If our last RE appointment is any indication, I know I’ll be ga-ga over the ultrasound and may not be thinking clearly.  So, I’m planning ahead and making a list of things I need to remember to ask about.  At the moment, the list is short.  I really don’t know how much I don’t know.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Tuesday February 2, 2010 2:26 pm

    It’s good idea to write your questions down so you don’t forget anything. This practice sounds great because you have all perks of a high risk even if you don’t need them.

  2. Tuesday February 2, 2010 3:26 pm

    Good luck at your appointment! It’s going to be great. We had the same fears in the beginning…even with great betas, no blood, lots of nausea, etc. But we gained confidence with each passing day and with each new scan, and you will too, promise. I can’t think of much to ask this early on. The questions started coming to us as time passed.

  3. Tuesday February 2, 2010 6:04 pm

    Great idea to write your questions down – if I didn’t I ALWAYS forgot!

  4. mrsbasement permalink
    Friday February 12, 2010 6:50 pm

    OK kids, where you at? Your absence is making me feel worrisome.

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