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Forward Movement

Saturday October 17, 2009

Thanks for the sweet comments following our BFN.  It’s been a challenging week around here.  This was an especially hard negative, bc since we didn’t get pregnant this month it won’t be possible for us to deliver before my wife begins her new job.  We had thought (too optimistically, I suppose) that we would be able to get pregnant in three tries.  My wife is 32 and aside from the fact that she doesn’t ovulate (which is strangely not a big deal in this process) we didn’t think it would be exceptionally hard to get pregnant.  Three shots seemed reasonable.  We started in July bc that would give us three shots for sure and maybe even four.  Well, in that time we’ve actually only gotten to try twice.  We didn’t really figure in the fact that she would respond slowly to the stimulation meds and we certainly didn’t think that our first attempt at transfer would fall through bc none of our embryos would make it to blastocyst.  Who knows.  This kind of thing is just hard to plan.

This week we decided that we’re going to keep moving forward with all of this.  We have 8 blastocysts frozen and we are just going to do transfer after transfer until we run out or get pregnant.  Hopefully we’ll get pregnant before we run out.  Starting your first “real” job while pregnant isn’t ideal, but life isn’t always ideal.  We can handle it and her group will handle it.  People take maternity leave.  That’s just the way the world works.

Onward and upward.  Her period started yesterday, so we went in for the baseline ultrasound this AM.  It was clear immediately that she has at least two cysts on her ovaries.  Although her body bounced back fabulously after the first retrieval/follicle reduction, this time it’s taking her a little longer to recover.  Dammit.  Another stop sign.  Happily the RE was in the office, so the stenographer was able to run down the hall to get him so that we were able to talk about our options in person.  This was an incredibly good thing, bc we had only had about five minutes during which we thought we were out for another cycle.  I was started to envision our next try not coming until almost December, when we walked in with some birth control pills.  Alright.  She takes BCPs for about a week and then we can start the process again.  The drugs will freeze her hormone level at CD1-2 and give her body some time to heal.  We got back in Friday for another shot and hopefully the cysts will be gone.

Hopefully.  That’s my favorite word.

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  1. luckylittle13 permalink
    Monday October 19, 2009 6:18 pm

    Onward and upward, indeed. Hopeful is a great state to be in. Sending love to you both.

  2. mrsbasement permalink
    Tuesday October 20, 2009 10:59 pm

    “We can handle it and her group will handle it. People take maternity leave. That’s just the way the world works.”


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