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Report on My Mental State: Manic Nesting

Monday October 5, 2009

Today should have been a work day, but I elected not to report for duty.  I have one class on MW and today was slated as a test review/AKA schedule place holder, so it was easy to just let it go.  Study among yourselves……

In addition to the return that is scheduled for tmw, we have two separate  sets of house guests coming into town this week.  Seemed like the perfect occasion for deep Fall cleaning.  When there is absolutely nothing you can do to get your wife pregnant (other than poke her with needles morning after morning), you might as well clean.  At least I have that, right?!  I may not have sperm, but I’m a genius with a mop.

So I channeled all of my baby hoping energy into eliminating dust and clutter from our home today.  I did a damn good job actually.  We have a huge collection of stuff (in the trunk of my car) to take to Goodwill and every surface gleams.  My students might be entirely clueless, but my house is clean and ready for a (can I even claim it this boldly?) pregnant wife.

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