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Gearing up for the Next Round

Wednesday August 26, 2009

So, we’ve taken a bit of a break.  Between the BFN and our ultrasound appointment on Friday AM, there hasn’t been a lot to do.  There has been a lot of estrogen, but it’s not nearly as dramatic as the weeks of Menopur.  She takes a pill twice a day and wears a patch that she changes every three days.  Seems like no big deal compared to a date with a needle every night.  SEEMS is the key word.

The wife is a Type A/got to get either a run or a ride (preferably both) in every day kind of girl and it’s August.  August in the south means humidity and heat and heat and humidity mean sweat.  Lots and lots of sweat.  Sweat is not your friend when you are trying to go three full days with a small plastic circle sticker attached to your ass.  As a result of all of this, the patch has been more of an adventure than I had expected.  Waterproof tape has worked fairly well (if it gets changed each time she showers), but now that her back end has spent the last two weeks covered with various kinds of adhesive, her skin is pretty beat up.  It’s so irritated that she claims to prefer the needle  to the patch.  I don’t know about all that, but I do feel bad for her.

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  1. Friday August 28, 2009 12:36 am

    Thanks for the nice note on my blog! So sorry this round didn’t work for you, and don’t feel bad for getting your hopes up. Hang onto that hope for as long as you can. Even when you lose it, as I did, this community will hold onto hope for you. 🙂 And it works!

    Looking forward to following your hopefully short and sweet journey to BFP. 🙂

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