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Tuesday August 18, 2009

So, it didn’t work on the first try.  I guess it’s silly to expect that you might actually be that lucky.  I do wish that I hadn’t been out of town on the test day, but even that was ok.  The nurse had told us to test on Saturday, but her period arrived on Friday so we didn’t get that far.  Boo.

The next round of TTC decisions had to made immediately (read while I was in another state and only intermittently available by cell phone).  Once again, my girl came through.  She just impresses me.  In the midst of a particularly busy work week and in the wake of depressing POAS news, she just took care of business.  Got calls out to the RE, problem-solved long distance with me, and coordinated the drug purchases and pick up.

Here’s what we decided on.  Our RE has had some success with what sounds like a fairly experimental procedure in which the eggs retrieved and frozen during the follicle reduction that preceded our first round of IUI will be fertilized externally and implanted in an IVF-esque process.  So, that’s what we’re doing.  It’s not strictly IVF, but it’s similar.  It will allow us to try again sooner than any other option.  At this point we have an ultrasound appt for Friday after next.   The information from the u/s will guide the timing of the embryo transfer.  In the interim, she’s on alot of estrogen (a patch and pills) to build up her endometrial lining.  At the end of the follicle reduction we had 9 eggs.  Not all of these eggs will come through the thawing process, but hopefully we will have enough to create a viable embryo.

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  1. luckylittle13 permalink
    Tuesday August 18, 2009 10:04 pm

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this. I think your odds of succeeding on your second try are pretty fantastic! And, no, it’s not silly to think it might have worked the first time.

  2. Sunday August 23, 2009 5:46 am

    Definitely not silly to think it would work first time – it’s got to for someone, right? Sounds like the new plan is promising – good luck!

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